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Bioforce Blooume 49 FE-Tone (Iron Tonic) (100ml)

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Also known as

Bloum 49 FE, Iron, Blom 49


130 (gms)
5 (cm) x 5 (cm) x 11.8 (cm)

Bioforce Blooume 49 FE-Tone (Iron Tonic)

Indication of Bioforce Blooume 49 FE-Tone (Iron Tonic)

Anaemic conditions during pregnancy & Lactation and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Heaviness and weakness of body.

Bioforce Blooume 49 FE-Tone (Iron Tonic)

Acid Phos 1x: Mental weakness is more than physical weakness.

Ammonium Aceticum 1x: Effective against mental and physical debility from loss of vital fluids. Ammonia is essential for maintaining the acid-base balance in your body and keeps you healthy.

Ferrum Lac 1x: Iron forms an essential part of human nutrition to maintain good health.  Ferrum Lacticum has the general therapeutic value of iron salts. Used in iron deficiency anaemia.

Glycerinum Q: It seems to improve the general state of nutrition. Improve malnutrition and convalescence from exhaustive diseases.

Kali Phos 1x: It is effective against cerebral anaemia, an anaemic condition of the brain causing undue nervousness and spinal anaemia resulting from exhausting diseases. Exhausted patients with depression.

Nat Phos 1x:  Natrum phosphoricum is the best remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid. Anemia with sour eructation.

Dosage of Bioforce Blooume 49 FE-Tone (Iron Tonic)

Adults: one tablespoon, 3-4 times daily.

Children: Half the adult dose, Or as directed by the physician.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.


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